We contribute to society through
    the provision of safe, reliable,
    unique and high-value food
    with the benefits of
    a rich natural environment.

Company profile

Management philosophy

Saveur SS contributes to society by safely offering original, high-value foods created from the abundance of nature.
Saveur SS is a food company established in Sapporo, Hokkaido, in 1995, when the foods division of Japan's largest industrial-use gas manufacturer became independent. That food business has been in existence for 35 years. Saveur SS makes and sells high-grade meat products, central among which are uncured ham, and high-grade frozen foods backed by cryogenic technology.
As for our business-use customers, we have six business offices throughout Japan making proposals on a daily basis to professional users ranging from restaurant chains to convenience stores, hotels, restaurants and school lunches.
Regarding retail sales, we sell high-grade ham and sausages produced mainly in our Hokkaido factories to volume sellers throughout Hokkaido. We also sell these items as OEM products to large supermarkets throughout Japan.

Sales offices

With our six sales offices, we cover all the markets in Japan.

Our six sales offices are in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Sales offices


Our exclusive chefs give menu proposal presentations in our seven presentation rooms.

The seven presentation rooms consist of our Sapporo Kitchen, Hayakita Kitchen Tokyo Kitchen, Yokohama Kitchen, Osaka Kitchen, Nagoya Kitchen and Fukuoka Kitchen.

  • Sapporo Kitchen

    SapporoSapporo Kitchen
  • Hayakita Kitchen

    HayakitaHayakita Kitchen
  • Tokyo Kitchen

    TokyoTokyo Kitchen
  • Yokohama Kitchen

    YokohamaYokohama Kitchen
  • Osaka Kitchen

    OsakaOsaka Kitchen
  • Nagoya Kitchen

    NagoyaNagoya Kitchen
  • Fukuoka Kitchen

    FukuokaFukuoka Kitchen

Production bases

Our sanitary factories are stocked with cutting-edge equipment.

Our four production bases consist of our Hayakita factory, Otaru factory, AW Tokachi Shokuhin, Sagami Ham Shirakawa factory.

Production bases

SAVEUR Products

  1. 1The manufacture and sale of ham and sausages

    The manufacture and sale of ham and sausagesHayakita, Hokkaido, factory
    We make and sell various premium hams and sausages, with an emphasis on uncured ham.

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  2. 2The manufacture and sale of various sauces

    The manufacture and sale of various saucesHayakita, Hokkaido, factory
    As a chef proxy service, we make and sell various pasta sauces, soups and delicatessen products using luxurious, fresh raw materials from Hokkaido.

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  3. 2The manufacture and sale of frozen cakes

    The manufacture and sale of frozen cakesOtaru, Hokkaido, factory
    Saveur SS carefully manufactures premium frozen cakes using luxurious, fresh dairy products, wheat flour and other ingredients from Hokkaido. We accept small and large recipe-based orders from customers.

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Import businessWe import and sell high-quality, unique foods from countries throughout the world.

Saveur SS imports unique, high-quality products from countries around the world (Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Canada, France, Spain and Italy) and sells them in Japan.
Rather than simply purchasing products, we incorporate the opinions of users in our product designs so we can tailor products to the Japanese market. To bring those products to fruition, we send product managers to contract manufacturers around the world and collaborate with them to make prototypes.

Also, in Latin America, to ensure the safe, stable production of products of a quality that matches our specifications, we station manufacturing managers locally to oversee day-to-day production.

With our products supplied from overseas, the Saveur brand is supported by partnerships with subcontractors in various countries, by the same strict quality and manufacturing management we use in our in-house production in Japan, and above all else, by a manufacturing philosophy of always aspiring to higher quality. We have been sustained by our professional customers, as well, for a great many years.

Export businessSaveur SS is expanding its exports of frozen cakes made using high-quality Hokkaido ingredients to the countries of Asia.

Export business